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The Jessie Sandler Scholarship

organized by Keith

In Memory of Jessie Elizabeth Sandler


$20,281 raised 

                              81.12% of fundraising goal

122 donations received

                               $166.4 Dollars on average

designated for
Southern Connecticut State University

The Phillips Wickett Scholarship

organized by Nancy

In Memory of Philip Hagan Wickett

$3200 raised 

                              64.00% of fundraising goal

30 donations received

                               $106.7 Dollars on average

designated for
Westmoore High School

The Bill Noel Scholarship

organized by Devsjournal

In Honor of William “Bill” Noell


$3025 raised 

                              302.5% of fundraising goal

16 donations received

                               $89.06 Dollars on average

designated for
Virginia Military Institute

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