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Scholarships currently fundraising
Elysia Kim
Future Physician Assistants Spreading the Word
for Stanford University
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Elysia Kim and would like you to become a contributor to the Future Physician Assistant Spreading the Word Scholarship. I hope that this scholarship will be given to students who are educating and sharing with student communities about the physician assistant profession. There is a higher demand for physician assistants because the Affordable Care Act has catered toward patient care healthcare and has given them increased responsibilities. By having physician assistant candidates educate high school and college students about the profession, this will create a better understanding about the profession and will hopefully cause an interest in becoming a physician assistant. I truly believe in the benefits of becoming a physician assistant and know that by educating the younger generation about the field, they will too!
Has raised $10 of $1000 goal
Ashley Jackson
The Blake Dalton Scholarship
for Averett University
The Blake Dalton Scholarship was designed to support a deserving student in the communication studies/journalism program at Averett University. Blake Dalton was a radio personality in Danville, VA and was loved by many in the field of journalism and media. He passed away suddenly in November 2012 at the young age of 24. This scholarship is to help other students pursue their dreams in the media business. Thank you in advance for contributing to The Blake Dalton Scholarship.
Has raised $440 of $500 goal
Erica Lennox
Our MVP, JVP: World Campus Scholarship
for Pennsylvania State University
In Memory of Our Most Valuable Player Joseph Vincent Paterno December 21st, 1926 - January 22nd, 2012 ------------------------------------------------------------ This scholarship is intended for a Penn State World Campus student. The scholarship will be awarded for the student that wins an essay of 500-1500 words in length which addresses the following: 1. What is Joe Paterno's legacy? 2. How does it impact you? 3. What are your goals? 4. How will a degree from Penn State help you achieve them? 5. What will your legacy be?
Has raised $0 of $10000 goal
Edward Heney
Helping Me Help You
for Stanford University
Helping Me Help You was designed to support a deserving student at Stanford University. Thank you in advance for contributing to Helping Me Help You and supporting education.
Has raised $10 of $10000 goal
Buddy Rawley
Debbie Rawley Elementary Education Scholarship
for Averett University
To honor Debbie's 60th birthday, I would like to invite you to contribute to a scholarship for an Averett University student in Elementary Education. I know of no one more dedicated to teaching than Debbie. She has spent 35 years of loving her students and trying to master her field of teaching. Thank you for considering this chance to honor Debbie for 35 years of service to the children of the Danville area.
Has raised $2060 of $2000 goal
Echo Zhang
for Johns Hopkins University
It's a dream to get further education. I'm trying to hide it and bury it from my heart for years. But,unfortunately and fortunately, it's not. When I happened to find this platform, I think it's a really cool idea! Even with less opportunity to get the fundraising, still it gives hope to many people like me! And nothing wrong with having hope. It won't happen unless it's a mirale from God. Maybe you will say, "what an opportunist!" But I have faith on it.
Has raised $10 of $10000 goal
Cabell Maddux
The WesTech Scholarship to Honor the Wes Men's Soccer Class of 2013
for Wesleyan University
I created The WesTech Scholarship to thank everyone that I had the opportunity to play alongside at Wes and all of the parents for their great support. I don't think we could have had a better group of guys and I am honored to have been a part of it. This scholarship is designated for a Psychology major with at least a 3.3 GPA in an effort to find a student that would match the average for our group (hopefully Kuenho and Rory would pull our average GPA above a 3.3). I would greatly appreciate any contributions, even $5 or $10 makes a difference and I'm sure I will miss some of our WesTech family in sending this out, so please forward it along to anyone you feel might be interested in contributing. I also founded the organization (Scholarships Expanding Education) and built the website that allowed me to create this scholarship, so please feel free to see what we're doing and create your own scholarship designated for a school of your choice at Thank you all so much for the great memories. I miss all of you and look forward to seeing you at Wes soon.
Has raised $425 of $1000 goal
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